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Log cabins


Wood creates a microclimate favorable to health in the rooms. It is a hygroscopic material. When the humidity in the room increases, the wood can absorb excess moisture. Conversely - when the air humidity in the room decreases, the wood, drying up, releases the water contained in the cells to the environment. By using wood to build a house, optimal air humidity can be maintained. This material is also natural.


There is no time for boredom with us. We provide all guests with active leisure and moments of relaxation in our SPA zone. From the terrace at the cottage there is a beautiful view of the nearby meadows and forests. We have bicycles and hammocks at your disposal.
Your guesthouse is located on the greenvelo.​ bike trail


We offer kayaking trips. We have two episodes to choose from. The first is 17km and the second is 32km. We provide transport to the rafting point, kayaks, oars and life jackets.

The Green Velo bike trail

We provide bicycles for people who like active recreation. Next to us, there is a network of Green Velo bicycle routes.

SPA  zone

One of our biggest advantages is our own SPA zone and a Finnish sauna. We offer, among others body massages and facial treatments. familiarize yourself withSPA zone offer.



The houses are all-year-round, heated with infrared heaters, which is one of the safest heating systems, does not contribute to the growth of mold and excessive humidity in the rooms. It prevents dust from rising, which is why it is perfect for allergy sufferers. Spacious bathroom with a large shower cubicle. Terrace overlooking the spreading views of the forest and the nearby meadows, is exposed to the south-east where you can sunbathe. The equipment of the cottage includes

  • oven

  • heating plate

  • Electric Kettle

  • a set of plates and cutlery

  • glass

  • TV

  • patio furniture

  • towels

  • linen

  • Wi-Fi


Our kitchen

We prepare you a hearty breakfast in the form of a Swedish table and dinner, which we serve at the table. During the day, we serve soup at lunchtime. We try to prepare meals from local products, and in the season we use vegetables from our own garden. We rely on supplies from our friendly growers and local farmers.


Why is it worth it?

Research shows that direct contact with the energy derived from pine has an antidepressant effect, and also heals headaches, circulatory disorders and rheumatic diseases. According to the German naturalist Manfred Himmel who has been involved in dendrotherapy for many years, it can contribute to complete recovery from serious diseases or speed up the treatment process carried out using conventional methods.

Electrostatic properties are a very important feature that positively influences the health of allergy sufferers, especially small children. Pine wood does not accumulate dust on its surface and does not cause it to float in the air. We have an ideal opportunity to interact with wood when living in a log house, especially since we spend up to 90 percent of the time indoors. our free time. According to research carried out by Kontio, houses made of pine logs provide exceptionally good air, create a healthy microclimate and allow you to regulate the heat.

The house remains pleasantly cool in summer and warm in winter. This fact has a huge impact on the health of our children, as well as ours. Additional benefits come from the natural antibacterial properties of the wood. Pine that grows in the far north is equipped with a mechanism to help it naturally fight all harmful microbes and fungi.

Price list


490 PLN / day

 On guest request:

  • Finnish sauna (PLN 70 / person / 3h)

  • kayaking trips (PLN 70 / person) food + transport

  • lunch in the form of a soup + dinner (PLN 95 / person)

  • breakfast (40 PLN / person)

  • peloid bath or peat wrap (PLN 70)

  • bicycles (PLN 60 / day)

Choose a date for yourself


Limited offer. Don't wait!

Our center will accept a limited number of people. Therefore, do not wait, choose a room for yourself and book a date. We are waiting for you.

Contact us
502 260 201
  • What treatments are available in the SPA area?
    In our SPA zone we have many treatments and massages. Choose treatments for yourself. See the SPA offer
  • Where are we located?
    Our facility is located in Krawczyki 14a in the Warmian-Masurian Voivodeship. Find us on Google Maps
  • Where can I read reviews about Rojst?
    Our guests are always satisfied with their vacation with us. We have only positive opinions. You can check, among others, Opinions at Slowhop < / a> Facebook feedback Google Reviews
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