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Rojst w lecie

Right on the border with the Kaliningrad District, amidst the wilderness of Warmia, they have created a unique asylum for adults - the Rojst guest house. The inspiration to open the family business was the discovery of mud deposits right next to the house. - We use this natural raw material, known for its miraculous health-promoting properties, in the local SPA - explains Piotr Chadaj, co-owner of the Rojst Mudowy Las guest house. - It is a unique type of peloid peat, tested in laboratories and accredited, so with proven quality and performance.

Term Rojst the word for wetlands was used by our grandparents who came to Masuria from Vilnius after the war. We have opened a family business here, which is based on this natural raw material known for its miraculous health-promoting properties for centuries. Our atmospheric red brick house fits perfectly into the idyllic landscape. We have 5 comfortable rooms with bathrooms and a living room with a fireplace. The rooms are filled with rustic furnishings, partly made of demolished timber of old Prussian farm buildings . 

We have combined our family potential. My wife and I deal with the guesthouse and gastronomy based on local products. The daughter is a cosmetologist and the son is a physiotherapist. We have created a comprehensive place that allows our guests to break away from everyday life and regain strength. Ratings of Internet usersthey are the best review of this place. The very highest marks for the atmosphere, place and food make our guests want to come back to us.


We do not let our guests get bored. I know that our guests want to relax or spend time actively, so we have prepared attractions for you. Of course, some attractions are available at selected times of the year, but this is not a problem, because we have others up our sleeve.



Agnieszka and Piotr

A happy married couple with many years of experience. We are responsible for all guests and the kitchen.


SPA zone


Our daughter is a cosmetologist. Co-responsible for the SPA zone. He deals with beauty treatments.


SPA zone


The son is a certified masseur. Together with Karolina, he is jointly responsible for the SPA zone.

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