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Masaż relaksacyjny


Massage is one of the oldest forms of therapy and relaxation. Professional massage has a positive effect on the epidermis, dermis and muscles, and is physically and spiritually refreshing.

These techniques can be combined to maximize the effects. Depending on the intensity of the massage, a number of benefits can be obtained: increased blood and lymph flow, rejuvenation of the body, reduction of cellulite, alleviation or elimination of pain or tension in muscles and joints, strengthening the immune system, improvement in psycho-emotional state and much more. After the massage, the recipient feels "reborn": both in a wonderful mood and physically and emotionally recharged!

If you want to relax and de-stress, here are some treatments you can try.

Relaxing SPA experiences

Classic massage

It is used as a form of relaxation as well as for therapeutic purposes. Classic massage reduces muscle tension, stress, bone and joint pain, chronic headaches.

Price list:

  • Classic massage of the whole body - 45 minutes, 180 PLN

  • Classic partial massage - 30 minutes, 150 PLN

Lymphatic drainage

It consists in making circular, gentle movements in the direction of the lymph flow. This massage stimulates the lymphatic system and has a relaxing effect. Recommended especially for people struggling with lymphatic rituals.

Price list:

  • Lymphatic drainage - 50 minutes, 150 PLN

Deep tissue massage

It is a form of soft tissue therapy, performed with the pressure of the hands, fists and forearms. Recommended for people with chronic headaches, sciatica, after injuries.

Price list:

Deep tissue massage - 45 minutes, 180 PLN

Relaxing massage

This massage is suitable for almost everyone, it puts the patient in a state of deep relaxation. Perfect for people suffering from chronic stress who need relaxation. It also works well after heavy physical exertion.

Price list:

Relaxing massage - 45 minutes, 180 PLN

Medical massage

A form of therapy that brings relief to people who feel pain in the area of the spine, arms and lower limbs. The massage technique is similar to classic massage, but it mainly takes into account pathologically changed areas.

Price list:

Therapeutic massage - 45 minutes, 180 PLN

Therapeutic relaxing massage - 90 minutes, 290 PLN

Face, neck and cleavage massage

A treatment that has a positive effect on the condition of the skin, stimulates blood circulation, and thus reduces wrinkles and reduces swelling of the face and neck. When performed regularly, it helps to firm the skin and increase its elasticity. Suitable for all skin types, except for skin with active acne lesions.

Price list:

Face, neck and cleavage massage - 20-30 minutes, 100 PLN

Anti-cellulite massage

The purpose of the massage is to model the client's body, mainly areas with cellulite and excess body fat. This massage is intense and consists in making strong, dynamic movements of the hands. It breaks down the subcutaneous fat tissue and improves blood circulation in the skin. Recommended for people who are in the process of losing weight.

Price list:

Anti-cellulite massage - 60 minutes, 250 PLN

Organique proprietary massages

  • Herbal awakening - 80 minutes, 250 PLN

  • Magic of touch (hot candle massage) - 40 minutes, 150 PLN

Body treatments


Hammam ceremony

A deeply cleansing treatment performed with the Kessa exfoliating glove. Detoxifies the body, has a strong smoothing effect. Suitable for all skin types.

Price list:

  • Hammam ceremony - 60 minutes, 250 PLN


Milky renewal

A soothing, strongly moisturizing treatment with the scent of goat's milk and lychee. Thanks to its active ingredients, it soothes sensitive, irritated, dry skin that requires regeneration.

Price list:

  • Milky regeneration - 80 minutes, 260 PLN


Luxurious rejuvenation

A smoothing treatment with a unique, exclusive fragrance, leaving the skin perfectly smooth and illuminated. Dedicated to mature skin, with the first signs of aging, lacking radiance.

Price list:

  • Luxurious rejuvenation: 120 minutes, 270 PLN


Coffee stimulation

A slimming, anti-cellulite treatment with a coffee aroma and improving guarana circulation. Created for flaccid skin, devoid of firmness. It supports the fight against cellulite and fat burning.

Price list:

  • Coffee stimulation - 80 minutes, 260 PLN


Floral wrap

An aromatic treatment, intensely moisturizing and regenerating. The main scent note is the black orchid.

Price list:

  • Flower wrap - 60-90 min, 240 PLN

Facial treatments


Anti-aging treatment

The treatment consists in performing a stimulating massage of the face, neck and décolleté. Thanks to the application of moisturizing masks on the skin and finishing the treatment with pumpkin cream, the patient's skin remains taut, moisturized and relaxed. Dedicated to mature, dry and sensitive skins.

Price list:

  • Anti-aging - 80 minutes, 250 PLN


Aqua performance

A deeply moisturizing treatment that brings relief to dry, dehydrated and irritated skin. The ingredients of treatment cosmetics protect and moisturize the skin, and prevent the formation of wrinkles caused by a lack of moisture.

Price list:

  • Aqua performance - 60-80 minutes, 250 PLN


Pure destiny line

A cleansing, normalizing treatment for oily, combination and acne-prone skin. After the treatment, the skin is thoroughly cleansed and regenerated, inflammatory changes are clearly alleviated.

Price list:

  • Pure destiny line - 60-80 min, 250 PLN


Rose Solution Line

It strengthens the walls of blood vessels, reduces erythema, soothes inflammation. The skin after the treatment is brighter, stronger and less reddened.

Price list:

  • Rose solution line - 60-80 minutes, 250 PLN

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